Sarah Hyland Kidney Transplant and organ donation

In this artice you will get some information about Sarah Hyland Kidney Transplant

In this artice you will get some information about Sarah Hyland Kidney Transplant

Who is Sarah Hyland?

Sarah Hyland is an American actress. She’s best known for her role as Haley Dunphy on “Modern Family,” which aired from 2009 to 2020. She entered the world in New York City on November 24, 1990.

Sarah Hyland didn’t just stick to “Modern Family.” She also acted in other films and TV shows. She started her acting career when she was extremely young.

She has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child. Some of her other notable works include movies like “Geek Charming,” “Struck by Lightning,” and “Vampire Academy.” She has also used her voice in animated projects and appeared in guest roles on different TV shows.

Kidney Dysplasia

Sarah Hyland didn’t only focus on her acting career. She has talked about her health problems openly. She has had kidney dysplasia and had a kidney transplant. She has used her fame to raise awareness about organ donation and to support people with chronic illnesses.

Sarah Hyland Kidney Transplant Process?

Sarah Hyland has kidney dysplasia, a kidney problem where her kidneys did not develop properly at birth. This problem caused kidney issues and eventually kidney failure, leading to complications and health challenges throughout her life.

In April 2012, at age 21, Sarah Hyland received a kidney transplant from her father. This life-saving procedure improved her health and quality of life. After her first transplant, Sarah Hyland’s body rejected the new kidney, causing her health to worsen.

Sarah’s body didn’t like her fahter’s kidney at first and tried to push it away. They call this “kidney rejection.” So, Sarah needed another kidney.

In a selfless and life-saving gesture, her younger brother, Ian Hyland, offered to donate one of his kidneys. The kidney transplant took place in September 2017, and saved Sarah Hyland’s life.

sarah hyland kidney transplant and disease
sarah hyland kidney transplant and disease

Both kidney transplants were successful, and Sarah Hyland regained her health. She has since become an organ donation advocate, raising awareness about the importance of becoming an organ donor. She shares her personal journey to inspire others and emphasize the life-changing impact of organ transplants.

Organ donation

After the kidney transplant, Sarah Hyland got better and talked openly about it. She made sure more people knew about renal transplants and organ donation. She still discusses these topics today.

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