Health Tourism

Health tourism is the type of tourism in which people travel abroad from their home country to improve their health. Such actions are usually focused on countries where natural resources (hot springs, thermal waters, etc.) or private health services (treatment centers, hospitals, clinics, etc.) are offered.

To participate in health tourism, you must first select a health tourism destination. Then, you can plan your trip by finding out about the health services offered at that destination and making appointments. It is also important to find out about health insurance for the trip and purchase it if necessary.

Health Tourism
Health Tourism

Requirements for Health Tourism

An institution that wants to provide health tourism services should first have adequate facilities to offer them. This means that hospitals or clinics must have the necessary technical equipment, as well as medical specialists and staff. In addition, this organization must offer transportation and accommodation facilities.

This way, tourists can comfortably stay where they receive treatment and communicate with the institution whenever they want. A company that wants to provide health tourism services can also meet the other needs of tourists by considering other health institution in tourism centers.

In addition, the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate is a document that clinics, doctors, hospitals and agencies should obtain. It shows that the establishments that carry out health tourism activities are legally authorized to offer health services. To obtain this document, the establishments in question must meet certain criteria and submit an application to the relevant authorities. 

Being an A Group travel agency is one of these conditions.

What is required to be able to provide health tourism services in a country is subject to legislation. So, it may vary from country to country. Nevertheless, it can be said that similar sanctions are applied.

Types of Health Tourism

The field of health tourism, which has grown and expanded its sphere of influence in recent years, is able to respond to the various demands and needs of people from all over the world. All preventive, rehabilitative, therapeutic or aesthetic/cosmetic procedures can be included here. But of course, health tourism has not grown in every country to meet all these demands.

Health tourism in itself is divided into 4 main groups. Medical tourism, thermal health tourism, disabled tourism and elderly tourism.

Why Should I Prefer Turkey
Why Should I Prefer Turkey

Why Should I Prefer Turkey?

Our country is perhaps one of the first answers to the question of which country I should choose in health tourism. The amount of investments made in this sector, the number of qualified doctors and medical staff, the state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics play a very important role.

The most important factors that distinguish Turkey in health tourism can be listed as follows:

  • Infrastructure of healthcare facilities
  • JCI accredited healthcare facilities
  • Affordable treatment costs
  • Inspection of institutions by the Ministry of Health
  • Quality of doctors and other staff
  • Location
  • Cultural characteristics

In addition, most patients who come to Turkey to receive quality health services enjoy the privileges of accommodation in 5-star hotels and transfers by private vehicles.