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Our world is getting older every day. With the effect of global warming and population growth, new diseases are emerging. We are living in the days when we put our health and the health of our loved ones before everything else. As the days pass, we understand very well that the importance of health will increase even more.As the Booking For Health team, we believe that everyone has the right to access quality health care. We aim for people to reach quality health care easily and to purchase health travel with a good experience from beginning to end.

The most important part of the health travel experience is treatment planning. Through Booking For Health, our patients can review clinics, read past patients’ experiences, and request offers from clinics for the treatment they need.Clinics only see the information and photos they provide without seeing the patient’s personal information. Photos and information are stored and shared by GDPR rules.

Clinics upload their treatment plans to the Booking For Health system in light of the information provided by the patient. The patient can compare these offers, create a shortlist, and finally buy them.Other elements of the health travel experience, such as hotel reservations, flight tickets, and local transportation reservations, can also be made by purchasing them through Booking For Health.

Booking For Health is a health tourism organization

Our guests who come for treatment have a great opportunity to get to know the culture of the city they come from. In this sense, they can spend time in the city like local people. For example, they can take a city tour, go to the hairdresser, get a massage in the hammam, and taste famous delicacies. They can pay for all their reservations on and complete their reservations.At Booking For Health, we aim to manage all the needs of our guests at a single point in their health travel, and we invite our guests to use Booking For Health.

Booking For Health, opens the door to a healthy life for you, we offer value-adding service.
Health tourism you choose must be Turkey.

Turkey has hundreds of proven health organisations and physicians well known around the world.
As the heart of health tourism, we are waiting for you to visit our country. The first two articles of the golden rules of healthy life are to be healthy and rest. With your health travel plan to our country, you can easily access to the health service in any hospital and in any season, and also with the opportunity to have the holiday options you want can be arranged by Booking For Health.

High cost, waiting times, lack of quality etc. in the treatment services applied in health tourism in the world have led to the distribution of health sector across countries. These services, developed in terms of health and between countries, have created alternative options for patients.

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