Kidney Transplant in Turkey

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Kidney transplant in turkey for foreigners

For those seeking kidney transplant solutions, especially for international patients, Turkey stands out as a premier destination. Recognized for its excellence in medical care, Turkey boasts world-class facilities for kidney transplants, making it an attractive option for foreigners. The country hosts the best kidney transplant hospitals, providing cutting-edge medical services with a commitment to patient well-being. Furthermore, the kidney transplant cost in Turkey is not only competitive but offers exceptional value for the quality of care provided.

Kidney Failure and Dialysis Patients

If you have any donor, don’t wait any longer to participate in the international cross kidney transplant system.

Kidney failure is a vital issue. Our aim is to raise awareness about kidney diseases and to encourage them to take the right steps for a healthy life.

Prof Dr Murat TUNCER
Prof Dr Murat TUNCER- Kidney transplantation in Turkey

Patient Reviews

Hello, my name is Shahnoza. When we came to Medicana Hospital in 2019, they said that due to the urgent complaint of the contract, an emergency operation was required, and transplantation was impossible in other hospitals. Thanks to Murat Tuncer and his team, I had the surgery and now my thoughts are working very well, thank God, I found the doctor and came back to life. I want to invite everyone, do not be afraid, life is beautiful, be on the way, living is beautiful.

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    Is Turkey a good place for kidney transplant?

    Turkey is indeed seen as a reputable destination for kidney transplantation. The country has made significant progress in healthcare and its medical facilities are equipped with modern technology and skilled professionals. Reasons such as Quality Health Facilities, Qualified Medical Professionals, Advanced Medical Technology, Affordable Treatment, and being a popular Tourism country have brought Turkey to an assertive position in the world rankings in kidney transplantation and organ transplantation.

    What country is the best for kidney transplant?

    Countries such as Turkey, India, Mexico and Jordan are among the leading countries in kidney transplantation. The total number of organ transplants performed in Turkey from 2002 to November 2023 was 52 thousand 258. Turkey ranks number one in the world in kidney transplantation with the number of successful surgical operations and the country’s advanced health infrastructure, expert staff, tourism opportunities, and unique nature offering 4 seasons.

    What is the longest life of a kidney transplant?

    A transplanted kidney can last around 10 to 15 years, but sometimes even longer, like for many decades. It depends on the person’s health and how well they take care of it. Doctors are getting better at making transplants last longer. Going to regular check-ups and following the doctor’s advice helps a lot to keep the new kidney working well.

    What is the oldest you can be to get a kidney transplant?

    There’s no strict age limit for getting a kidney transplant. It depends on your health. If you’re generally healthy and can handle the surgery and recovery, age isn’t the only factor. Doctors look at your overall health and other medical conditions. The decision is based on your unique situation. It’s best to talk to your doctors to figure out what’s right for you.

    Is kidney transplant legal in turkey

    es, getting a kidney transplant in Turkey is legal. Turkey has rules and guidelines to make sure organ transplants, including kidney transplants, follow the law. If you’re thinking about getting a kidney transplant in Turkey, it’s important to choose a good hospital. Good hospitals follow the rules, and their procedures are safe and legal. Before you go for a transplant, talk to doctors and make sure everything is legal and right for you.