Peace of Mind Kidney Transplant Patients Have


Prof.Dr. Murat Tuncer

Head of Internal Medicine Department of Medical Park Antalya Hospital and Medical Director of Organ Transplantation Prof.Dr. Murat Tuncer noted that the drugs used after kidney transplantation do not cause cancer. Prof. dr. Tuncer stated that they reached this conclusion with a study they conducted on the drugs of 4 thousand patients who were transplanted 10 years ago. Stating that World Kidney Day is celebrated on 12 March every year and that they invite everyone to drink a glass of water, Medical Park Antalya Hospital Head of Internal Diseases Department and Organ Transplant Medical Director Prof.Dr. Murat Tuncer stated that in the latest research conducted in Turkey, one of 7 to 10 people suffers from chronic kidney failure and this issue has become a public health problem. Prof.Dr., who stated that an average of 8 thousand people lost their lives in Turkey every year due to chronic kidney failure. Tuncer said, “The best treatment for kidney failure is kidney transplantation.”